Surefire G2 LED Review

The SureFire G2 LED flashlight is a compact flashlight designed for everyday use and for use in self defense situations with 80 lumens of brightness to blind attackers. It is small enough to fit comfortably in your hand, on a pocket clip or belt clip or in a purse. The casing is made of a corrosion-proof and very durable nitrolon polymer with an aerospace-grade aluminum bezel. In addition to the 80 lumens of brightness, the SureFire G2 LED flashlight also features a micro-textured reflector to provide maximum brightness and focus.


Length: Ten Inches
Power Source: Batteries
Batteries: Requires two 123A lithium batteries
Light Bulb: LED
Average Battery Life: Two hours with no option to save battery life on a lower setting.
Warranty: SureFire includes an unconditional lifetime warranty with this flashlight.

What We Think About the SureFire G2 LED Flashlight

  • The SureFire G2 LED flashlight is somewhat longer than the average self defense flashlight, but still small enough for comfortable usage and everyday carrying. It is small enough to fit easily into a purse, but may not be short enough to fit comfortably into a pocket.
  • The casing’s nitrolon polymer casing and aluminum bezel make it very durable to withstand everyday wear and tear while also holding up to possible damage in an attack.
  • The LED light bulb also stands up well to impact damage much better than the incandescent bulbs that were used in previous models.
  • Pushbutton switch located at the tailcap allows for an easy and quick activation in a self defense situations.
  • The pushbutton is merely for quick and temporary activation in the event of an attack. A knob at the tailcap is used for continuous light in everyday situations. Two different switches for temporary and continuous use is nice, but seems slightly unnecessary.
  • The brightness output of 80 lumens is plenty to temporarily blind assailants, but the light could be brighter for more effective use.
  • LED light bulbs provide bright and clear white light that is especially effective for blinding attackers.
  • Battery life is merely average.
  • One of the more affordable flashlights for self defense.
  • While not a necessity, this flashlight does not have a strobe option. If you’re buying this flashlight to have the blinding option merely as a bonus feature, this likely won’t matter to you. However, if you’re looking for a proper self defense flashlight with all of the normal options of the current models, you may want to look elsewhere.

What Users Are Saying About the SureFire G2 LED Flashlight

The SureFire G2 LED flashlight currently has a 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon with 29 customer reviews and ratings. The responses have been largely positive with most of the reviews gaining a five star rating and no rating going below three stars. Here are the major positive and negative points of this flashlight presented by users of this product.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Extremely durable casing that has a good grip and does not get snagged on clothing easily.
  • Aluminum bezel is not only durable but it dissipates heat extremely quickly and easily.
  • It’s a big improvement on older models with better brightness over the models with 60 lumens and more energy efficient LED bulbs.
  • This flashlight is very easy to modify with different heads, bezels and bulbs.
  • Most users are very happy with the brightness levels of the flashlight, and some have noted that the brightness in combination with the reflector can easily match the power of a 120 lumen light.


  • Despite most users being happy with the brightness, many users agree that the throw is not very good. It’s best used in confined spaces and not wide open areas.
  • Very average battery life in conjunction with the poor throwing power makes it unsuitable for many everyday situations.
  • Lack of strobe option and pointed bezel are disappointing to some users who wanted this flashlight for self defense.


The SureFire G2 LED flashlight is an affordable and effective option for self defense. It is powerful enough to blind and disorient attackers while also being sleek and light enough to allow for quick and easy drawing and wielding. The battery life and throw make it unsuitable for illuminating larger areas for extended periods of time such as when you’re walking home or to your car, but it is very useful for lighting small areas for tasks such as finding something in the dark. It an affordable and simple self defense option that would be a great choice for anyone.

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