What Is The Best EDC Flashlight? We Look At 5 Contenders

When it comes to choosing the best EDC flashlight, there are a number of factors that must be considered. The acronym EDC stands for “Every Day Carry,” and it is reflective of a highly functional and flexible flashlight that can be used for multitudinous endeavors. The best EDC flashlight should be dependable enough for people who will depend on them for the execution of their trade, such as police officers, and they should be inconspicuous enough for the average person to carry around with them at all times. There are a number of good EDC flashlights that rate very high in these categories and others, but are they could enough to be classified as the best EDC flashlight?
Some other considerations that should be evaluated when determining the best EDC flashlight is how it fits a particular person’s style. Each individual has a specific personality and a specific sense of style, and not every EDC will fit that style. However, the most important element is functionality — reflecting ease of use and performance. Following are five EDC flashlights that rate exceptionally high in functionality and style. One of them may turn out to be the best EDC flashlight for you.

Streamlight ProTac 2L Tactical Flashlight

First up on the discussion list for best EDC flashlight is the ProTac 2L. The things that stand out about the ProTac 2L is its affordability and its compact design. When it comes to functionality, the light that is produced by this EDC flashlight has a significant brightness. This light also has a good, solid feel to it; however, for the individual that has experience with some of the more expensive models, it will be easy to detect the difference in feel between the more expensive models and the ProTac.
Another benefit of this light is that it allows you to easily move between lighting modes by simply pushing the button that is ideally located on the tail cap. By applying gentle pressure, the flashlight will produce temporary lighting that can be turned off by simply relenting the pressure. Pushing the button completely in until it clicks will cause the light to remain on constantly. There are other mode functions such as high beam and low beam, which can be accessed by pressing one time for high beam, pressing twice for strobe and pressing three times for low beam. The multiple modalities ensure that the flashlight has the capacity to produce the proper lighting for any specific situational need.
The push button for the change in lighting modes is surprisingly sturdy; however, it does have a slight travel before reaching the constant on position. The strobe feature is awesome, as it can be used as an emergency beacon if you ever become lost in the woods or if you are forced to change a tire in the dark.
The bottom line is that, all things considered, this little flashlight more than holds its own as an EDC. There may be some challenges with durability with individuals whose everyday endeavors may be a bit rugged, but as a basic EDC, this light holds up well.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Strong and well built
  • Multifunctional lighting
  • Bright
  • Respectable flood and throw capabilities


  • The light can get a little warm during prolonged use
  • Pocket clip slides too easily

Coast HP1 Focusing LED Flashlight

Another flashlight that finds its way onto the discussion list for the best EDC flashlight is the Coast HP1. The most outstanding benefit of this flashlight is its remarkable value. You will be hard pressed to find a flashlight with this type of functionality at this price.
Another element of this flashlight that qualifies it as an EDC is its compact size, when combined with its powerful 220 lumens, makes it an immensely compact powerhouse. For individuals who have not purchased a flashlight in a while, be warned — the game has changed. The old bulky flashlights with minimal power are out, and they have been replaced with more compact models that have the capacity to produce very bright lighting, making them much more functional than their predecessors. This small light is substantially different than that huge light with D-sized batteries that your dad used to lug around. First of all, it produces significantly better lighting. And the weight is substantially less, using only one AA battery.
The Coast HP1 has followed the technological theme of smart phones and tablets, producing a smaller product that performs much better than its predecessor. The HP1 can crank out significant levels of light depending on the type of battery being used. For instance, it can push out 68 lumens when using a rechargeable battery, rising to 92 lumens with an alkaline battery, and exploding to 220 lumens when using a lithium battery.
When it comes to functionality at about $10 dollars, this light can stake its claim as being the best EDC flashlight


  • Comparable range
  • Exceptional brightness
  • Low battery usage
  • Compact and functional


  • Limited beam selection (which should be expected with its $10.00 price tag)
  • Black anodized aluminum scratches off easily

ThruNite TN12 2014

If you are seriously considering finding the best EDC flashlight, the ThruNite TN12 has to be on the list of possible options. For individuals who can be considered flashlight junkies, this exceptional piece is no stranger. What sheds light on it now is the fact that it was re-released in 2014 with a much-improved user interface and a higher lumen count, increasing the rights of its claim as the best EDC flashlight.
When removing this flashlight from its packaging, one of the first things that you will notice is an extra set of O-rings and a flashlight holster. Another area that qualifies this flashlight as a serious candidate for best EDC flashlight is its attention to detail in the design of the light. The 5 ½ inch length ensures that this light will fit in almost any place imaginable with minimal protrusion.
The light has an ample knurling, which ensures that it provides a remarkable grip, which is essential in most situations. One problem that is common with compact flashlights is the fact that they tend to get exceptionally hot, which can make it difficult to handle them during prolonged use; however, the TN12 has cooling fins on the bezel of the light that facilitate adequate dispersion of the heat. It is important to understand that these cooling fins will not completely dissipate the heat produced by this flashlight, especially when the lamp is set at its highest setting; however, it will reduce the buildup of heat significantly — a benefit that alone qualifies it to be in the discussion as the possible best EDC flashlight on the market.
Another remarkable benefit associated with this light is the fact that it is simple to use. For tactical and temporary use, simply apply light pressure, and for more constant use, completely press the on button. One of the updated features that is part of the new 2014 edition is the side switch that allows for easy mode changing, meaning that once the light has been turned on with the switch on the tail cap, the flashlight can now be toggled through different lighting modes by using the side switch.


  • Simple design with multiple features
  • Maximum output of 1,050 lumens
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Impact resistant to 1.5 meters


  • A little too long to activate strobe feature
  • Anti-roll design is not actually anti-roll

Fenix E12 Flashlight

When having a serious discussion about the best EDC flashlight on the market, the Fenix E12 must be allowed into the conversation. Fenix has worked exceptionally hard to establish itself as one of the leading flashlight manufacturers in the industry. They have accomplished this feat by their insistence on using high quality materials, along with solid and functional designs. The E12 is no exception to the Fenix rule of excellence, and it definitely has a number of features that allows it to stake its claim to being the best EDC flashlight.
The person that is looking for something flashy or pretentious may be somewhat disappointed with this flashlight. The immediate impression that this light gives is that of a highly sensible and unassuming light. It simply gets the job done. The styling design is highly traditional with the usual knurled aluminum body that has become quite common among manufacturers of brands that focus on producing highly practical flashlights.
If someone is looking to find fault with this particular model, it would be in the fact that at first glance reveals that this light does not come with any type of pocket clip, which is rather uncommon with compact EDCs today. This pretty much limits the carrying options to that of a keychain, which is moderately acceptable, considering the size of the light. It can also be carried in the pockets of a person who has deep pockets.
The on switch is on the tail cap, which also houses the reverse click switch. The design of the light provides protection for the switches through a scooped bezel, which also allows tail standing and a more simplified access. Soft pressing the lamp button allows you to easily progress through the different lighting modes that are available with this lamp, including low mode, 50 lumen medium mode and 130 lumen high mode. Actually the 8 lumen low mode is more than adequate walking around during the night hours are making quick scans of dark areas.
The medium illumination is great for covering a larger area, and the 130 high lumen mode is great for almost anything else.


  • High level of durability associated with its sturdy build
  • Clean fit and finish
  • Bright lighting
  • Easy to use


  • No pocket clip
  • Beam pattern and tint could be better

Ultrafire Cree 7W 300LM

This particular light proves that price is not always indicative of quality and functionality. Honestly, this light made its way into the discussion of the best EDC flashlight based on its simplistic design and its straightforward functionality. This light does not have all of the functionality of the other lights that made the list, but its simplistic design and straightforward use make it ideal for certain users. For the person who is looking for a light that you simply turn on and it lights up a particular space, the Cree 7W 300LM is the best EDC flashlight for you.
There are no frills and thrills here; however, there is simplistic functionality. This flashlight boasts a powerful 400 lumens, and it is also has a zoom feature.
This simplistic design is ideal for individuals who are looking for a solid and dependable light for their hiking expeditions
The body of this light is made with a high quality aluminum alloy, which ensures that it can stand up to the normal wear a tear that flashlights will endure over the course of their life.
The body clip makes carrying this flashlight a snap, ensuring that when it is needed, it is accessible. As with the other flashlights that made the best EDC flashlight list, this powerful light only uses one AA battery.
If you had to point out something about this lamp that serves as a weakness, it would be the fact that it is a single mode light, meaning that it only has one lighting mode. The exception to this is the fact that the light has a zoom capacity that can change the coverage area of the lighting. Again, for an individual that is using this as a basic light for hiking or everyday occurrences, this should not be too much of a problem.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful lighting capacity at 400 lumens
  • Body clip for easy carrying


  • Lacks multiple lighting modes

Which Flashlight Do We Think Is The Best EDC Flashlight?

As with most other products, there is no one-size-fits all when it comes to choosing the best EDC flashlight. A great deal of the decision is based on the needs and expectations of the user. For instance, a person who simply needs to have a light that they can turn on an illuminate a specific area, and nothing more, the Cree 7W 300LM will work perfectly with its single mode functionality; however, a person who may find themselves in a number of different situations will need a light that has greater functionality. In this instance, the ProTac is an ideal choice. The 260 lumen capability and the multi-mode lighting feature makes this lamp ideal for a broad audience. It could easily be listed as the best EDC flashlight on the market.
For the person who wants a high level of functionality without a great deal of flare, the HP1 stands out — not to mention the $10 price tag and the 220 lumen capacity of the light. The Fenix E12 falls somewhere in the middle of it all, with its simplistic design and its more than capable lighting power of 130 maximum lumens; however, there is still something lacking that will not allow this light to claim the prize as the best EDC flashlight.

Which flashlight would I buy?

My recommendation of best EDC flashlight is the ThruNite TN12. This particular flashlight has been a favorite of flashlight enthusiast for some time, and the re-release of this design in 2014 only served to increase its popularity. The ability of this lamp to use multiple battery types, in addition with the attention to detail found it in its design, makes it stand out. The new featured side switch, which allows for simple toggling between modes, has transformed a great flashlight into a fantastic flashlight. Although all of these lights have something to offer, the TN12 sets itself apart in a number of ways, establishing itself as the best EDC flashlight on the market.

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