SureFire M951 – KIT02, Millennium Universal Incandescent WeaponLight

The SureFire M951-KIT02, or SureFire M951 for short, is a serious weapons light. This is not the flashlight that you are going to give to your kids to play with or your wife to keep in her purse! The SureFire M951 is designed to be used by professional soldiers and law-enforcement that operate in tactical situations.

The Surefire M951 is designed to be used on Mil-Std 1913 Picatinny rail interface equipped shoulder-fired weapons. The flashlight is constructed from durable Mil-Spec hard anodized Aluminum (Mil-A-8625 Type III Class 2) and the rugged CNC machined housings are o-ring sealed for moisture and dust protection.

This light is powered by 2 lithium batteries and comes with an incandescent bulb that produces a 65 lumen beam.

Surefire flashlights are manufactured by Surefire LLC, which is based in Fountain Valley, California, U.S.A. Surefire produces a wide range of products that include flashlights, headlamps, weapon-mounted lights, laser sights, knives, sound suppressors, Picatinny Rails and batteries; and is a major supplier to the US Armed Forces and US Law-enforcement agencies.


Weight: 15.2 ounces

Batteries: 2 lithium batteries required.

Power Source: Battery-Powered

Type of Bulb: P60 bulb

Luminous Flux: 65 lm

Average Battery Life: 1 hour

Warranty Description: Limited Lifetime Warranty

What We Think About The SureFire M951

  • This is a serious light – As we mentioned above, this flashlight is a serious piece of equipment and is not a toy. This is evidenced by the ITAR notice on this product, which means that it is not allowed to be exported outside the US without an export license issued by the U.S. Department of StateOffice of Defense Trade Controls.
  • It is made from military spec materials – Often flashlights these days are made from cheap plastic that won’t last very long. However this light is designed to be used in tough and dangerous situations and so is made from military spec materials.
  • It has a good switch on/off system – The tail cap switch and tape switch operate independently of each other. When the tail cap switch is activated, the tape switch is disabled. Turning the tail cap switch to the off position activates the tape switch. The system disable feature eliminates the possibility of accidental activation from either switch.
  • It could be brighter – The Surefire M951 comes with an incandescent bulb that produces a 65 lumen beam. 65 lumens is plenty of light, but for a serious tactical flashlight we would recommend upgrading the light to a brighter bulb. The light is compatible with an optional P61 high-output bulb can be used to produce a 120 lumen beam. Some users have also used other LED bulbs to produce an even brighter beam.
  • It is not cheap – The Surefire M951 is not a cheap flashlight, with an MSRP of approximately $285. However, if you want a solid and serious flashlight for dangerous situations the price is not unreasonable for such a device at all. You will get many other flashlights that are much more expensive, but that are not in the same class as this flashlight.

What Users Are Saying About It

The SureFire M951 is highly rated, with an average rating of 5 out of 5!

Users who have commented on this flashlight mentioned the following:


  • Quality – Made from military spec materials, this is a solidly built flashlight designed to be used in tough environments.
  • Light weight – Users noted that it is very light…in fact users commented that it is much lighter than they would have expected.
  • Good priced – Even though this is not a cheap flashlight, the MSRP of this flashlight is quite reasonable when compared to some other tactical flashlights.
  • Battery life – As the bulb does not produce an extremely bright light, as other flashlights might, the battery life of the batteries are much longer as a result.


There is little in the way of negative comments for this flashlight. Some users did comment that they upgraded the bulb to produce a brighter beam with more lumens. The downside of this of course is that it drains the batteries quicker.


The SureFire M951 is solid flashlight intended for the serious user. It is a quality flashlight at a reasonable price for a flashlight of this quality. If you like this flashlight, you can get it from Amazon.

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