What Is The Best Headlamp?

If you are an outdoor enthusiast or someone who works with their hands in dark environments, you need the best headlamp to shine a light on things. In this article we will look at what you need to consider when choosing the best headlamp, as well as list the top 5 headlamps available.

Choosing The Best Headlamp

When it comes to choosing a headlamp to fit your needs, there are a few factors that you need to take into consideration before choosing the best headlamp for your needs.

What do you want to use it for?

Headlamps can be used for a lot of activities, such as camping, hunting or mountain climbing. A lot of people also use headlamps for their work, such as mechanics and electricians. Each have their own requirements for a headlamp. E,g, if you need to worn it for long periods of time it needs to be really comfortable, while if you are going to operate a headlamp in wet conditions it needs to have water resistant qualities. If you need to wear a helmet with your headlamp, you will need to make sure the headlamp can fit onto the helmet without slipping off.

What kind of light do you need?

When choosing the best headlamp for your needs, an important factor is to consider the type of beam you need. Do you need a light that can be thrown a long distance, or should it illuminate a wide area? The reflector system that the headlamp uses determines the beam that the headlamp will produce. The intensity of the beam produces will be also depend on the lumens produced by the bulb.

What weather are you going to use it in?

Due to battery systems and design of headlamps, some headlamps are not water-proof while some headlamps are only water-resistant. If you are only going to use your headlamps in dry conditions, then this is of no concern. However, if you plan to use your headlamp in wet conditions the best headlamp for you will need to be water-proof or at least water-resistant. To determine how water-proof or water-resistant a flashlight is, it is best to refer to the IPX rating of the headlamp.

Extra features

Some headlamps come with extra features, such as LED lights or reflectors at the back of the headlamp. This is ideal if you want to use your headlamp for running or cycling so that other road users are able to see you clearly.

The Top 5 Headlamp Reviews

Below we list the top 5 rated headlamps based on headlamp reviews ratings from users who have bought and used the headlamps.

LED Lenser 880044 H14 LED Headlamp

If you want a versatile headlamp with a bright beam and a far throw, this will be the best headlamp for you. The H14 AA headlamp by LED Lenser produces multiple beam outputs of 200 Lumens (very bright), 165 Lumens, and 27 Lumen; and is powered by 4 AA batteries. The headlamp’s beam produces a throw of approximately 200 meter. It has two energy modes available – namely constant current and energy saving mode, so you can keep the light operating longer when you do not need too much power yet have a strong beam when needed. The headlamp has a universal fastner so that you can attach it to things such a bikes or poles, making this a very versatile headlamp. The Advanced Focus System of the headlamp allows for multiple beam positions, so it is ideal if you need to use the light in awkward angles.
If you plan to use a headlamp in really wet conditions, this is perhaps not the best headlamp for you as the headlamp is not waterproof. The battery pack has a slip over rubber cover, making it rain/water-resistant, however it is not intended to be submerged in water.

Black Diamond Icon Headlamp

If you want a serious and versatile headlamp, the Black Diamond Icon headlamp is one of the best headlamp options around. It has a 3 Watt LED spotlight, supported by 4 LED bulbs to the side of the spotlight. It is powered by 3 AA batteries, but can also take a rechargeable NGR battery. The spotlight can produce a beam with a throw of 100 meters, and the 4 supporting LED lights produces a beam with a throw of 23 meters. This headlamp is very versatile in that it can be adjusted for both spotlight mode as well as proximity lighting.
The Icon headlamp is protected against splashing and water spray, with an IPX rating of 4. The battery burn time of this headlamp is estimated at 145 hours for the spotlight and 164 hours for the 4 support LED lights.

DEWALT DWHT70440 Jobsite Touch Headlamp

This is the best headlamp if you want a tough and durable headlamp for a rough environment, such as construction sites. This headlamp by Dewalt is one of the more affordable headlamps on our list of the top 5 reviewed headlamps, with an MSRP of approximately $22. This is a workman’s headlamp, with a shatter resistant and water resistant lens; and a anti-slip strap to keep the headlamp securely fastened to hard hats. This is a tough headlamp, which is rated to be able to survive a 2 meter fall!
The LED bulb produces 105 lumens, which can also be adjusted to a lower setting to allow for a longer run time. The 3 AAA batteries that power this headlamp are noted to last for 6.5 hours on the high setting and just under 30 hours on the low setting.

Xtreme Bright Headlamp

This headlamp by Xtreme Bright is a fully adjustable light with a single LED for a focused beam, which has 3 light modes. The headlamp is water resistant and powered by 3 AAA batteries. It comes with a full lifetime guarantee. The manufacturer claims this headlamp is 200 X brighter than standard headlamps, however there is no lumens specified for this headlamp. The users who have bought and used this headlamp have noted that it is indeed a very bright headlamp.
The headlamp has 3 lighting modes of High, Low and Flash.

Petzl Tactikka XP Headlamp

The Tactikka XP headlamp by Petzl comes with interchangeable red, green and blue transparent wide-angle lenses. The beam of the light can produce a throw of up to 50 meters on the boost mode, or can be adjusted to a wide beam using the sliding wide angle lens. The battery charge indicator light allows the user to easily keep track of battery life.

What Do You Think – What Is The Best Headlamp?

There are different opinions on what is the best headlamp. The headlamps we discussed above are good, but if you have some thoughts on which headlamp is the best headlamp in your opinion, we would love to hear it! Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Finding the best headlamp depends on your needs and tastes, as well as what you intend to use the headlamp for. We hope you have found this article useful. If you have thoughts you would like to share, please leave a comment in the section below.

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